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Putting Research to Work for a Sustainable Future

Climate change

Social protection for vulnerable groups

Nurturing the next generation of community leaders

If you are in the business of solving such complex social problems of our times, we at Thumbi Labs have your back. Our wide range of tools built on state-of-the-art research and technology strengthen both processes and outcomes. We put research to work to build a sustainable future for people and the planet.

How We Do It

By leveraging our interdisciplinary expertise in technology, social sciences, and the arts, we provide consulting services, and build, design, and deploy products.

Who We Are

An interdisciplinary group of technologists and development sector professionals

We design cutting-edge replicable technological solutions to tackle urgent social problems at scale

Our philosophy is sustainability at every step โ€“ economic, social, and environmental

Our Offerings

A tool to enhance social protection, E-QLT helps understand vulnerability for individuals and groups to identify gaps and plan products and policies to widen the social protection cover.
Polity uses easy-to-use games, simulations, and activities to give perspective for stakeholders, experience and practise inclusive visioning, strategizing for community development.
Triazu, a state-of-the-art agent-based simulation platform, models policy, physical infrastructure, and peopleโ€™s behaviour to strategise efficient pathways to reduce energy consumption.

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