POLITY – Creating New Leaders

POLITY - Creating New Leaders

Polity uses easy-to-play games, simulations, models, and activities that allow participants to experience the perspective of all stakeholders involved, experience and practise inclusive and bottom-up visioning, strategizing and planning for their communities.

The Polity Course

Over the past decade, we have developed various games and simulations that improve participatory planning and evidence-based decision making for public policy. Building on these tools, we present India’s first experiential course for creating the next generation of policy leaders.


Experience dilemmas and conflict in policy making


Put theory to practise and learn through application


Join a cohort of learners, doers and experts.

Experience dilemmas and conflict in policy making

Put theory to practise and learn through application

Join a cohort of learners, doers, and experts.

Why Games for Policy?

Games are an inclusive medium of education (as a pedagogical tool) and enhance collaboration because anyone can participate in them, irrespective of educational background, exposure and experience.

Games create inexpensive and highly engaging medium to test various policies and their outcomes with different affected and influencing groups.

Games allow for collecting intangible data in the form of preferences and biases that are crucial for policies.

Games are an extremely effective medium of learning because participants are more willing to take risks, be creative and experiment, as they don’t have the risk of failure.

Conscious Citizen

(3 months)

After the 9th standard civic textbook, people hardly engage with what governance means and how they can participate in a critical and conscious manner in governance. The conscious citizenship module is for anyone who wishes to understand and critically engage with governance and policy processes.

Community Leader

(6 months)

Participants who are working in civil society organisations, community-based organisations, and anyone who seeks to engage with their local community to address governance issues and participation can join the community leader module. The tools and methods introduced here will help to engage with the community, deepen and broaden participation, and improve quality of dialogue.

Policy Leader

(9 months)

Participants interested in becoming policy experts can join the nine-month module, where they will learn about how to use data and tools for local governance.

Policy Visionary

(12 months)

Participants in different institutions or seeking to be part of different institutions can join the policy visionary module, where they will learn different tools to tackle social problems at scale.

We offer an experiential policy fellowship, and based on the participant’s interest, the engagement can span between 3 months to a year.

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