E-QLT – Enhancing Social Protection

E-QLT - Enhancing Social Protection

What is E-QLT

E-QLT helps map vulnerability for individuals and groups to identify gaps and plan interventions to strengthen their social protection cover.

Factors Affecting Social Protection

Vulnerabilities are dynamic in nature stemming from different dimensions like finance, caste, gender, education, health, and social capital.


Institutional Support


E-QLT helps understand vulnerability for individuals and groups to identify gaps and plan products and policies to widen their social protection cover.

How it Works

E-QLT builds this picture by calculating a Social Protection Score. Like a credit score, a social protection score provides an easy-to-use metric to understand how vulnerable a household is, and what kind of schemes therefore can increase the social protection of a household.


Simulate social protection for individuals, small groups and for large populations and illustrates their vulnerability to various shocks to their lives.

Demonstrates the benefits of applying for various social schemes for individual families and groups and how their lives shall be secured by doing so.

Helps understand social protection needs based on gaps, and helps individuals find government and other schemes to bridge that gap.

Helps design social protection policy and products based on various levels of vulnerabilities and systemic shocks.


E-QLT uses a system dynamic modelling approach to model a household, based on parameters related to health, finance, and education, and calculates a Social Protection Score. There are three dimensions of the Social Protection Score:




The scores are derived by running the model for the period of 10 years, and the Social Protection Score is calculated every month. Similarly, the tool calculates the effect different schemes and benefits have on the Social Protection Score, which allows us to understand what kind of schemes and benefits are needed to improve social protection of the household.

Benefits of E-QLT


A coherent view of schemes


Schemes stitched together for better collaboration


Inter-district competition for well-being

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